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Acts 29 Network

US Midwest Network STMi Profile Fee

There are two STMi assessments that each Acts 29 Network applicant is requested to complete. You will receive the report results directly from STMi and then upload them into the appropriate task.

The first assessment is the Portrait Predicator DISC (Direct - Inspire - Support - Correct) Report.

The second assessment is the Golden Personality Profiler:

The Golden Personality Type Profiler (similar to the MyersBriggs test) system is a powerful and multifaceted approach to understanding personality. Personality is the essence of who you are as a unique individual. It is reflected in what you say, how you feel about yourself, how you act, and how you choose to live your life. Knowing about your personality characteristics will help you understand your actions, feelings, and relationships and can help you to better adapt to your environment.

We need both of these assessments, so if you have done both of these test in the past, please send those results to

STMi Profile - US Midwest Network

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